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SheepKeep is changing its name to StockKeep

News Date: 25.11.2009

From SheepKeep to StockKeep

Tony Prior farmer and owner of SheepKeep and GAP have been working closely together to improve the online grazing database that is already a very useful and free resource. As part of this SheepKeep is changing its name to StockKeep to reflect the growing number of stock other than sheep listed on the system.

The StockKeep database contains details of land available for grazing and stock available for grazing. It allows users free access to this information and the opportunity to register their own details and requirements.  

StockKeep and GAP are aiming to make more people aware of this very useful resource and increase the number of listings on the site to give the best UK wide coverage for people seeking grazing land and grazing animals.  

When using StockKeep it is important to not only register your details but also search for what you are looking for as it may already be available.

To advertise  a service, your organisation, product or company please contact Tony Prior tony@antsweb.co.uk

To register your details and search for free click here or visit the GAP Home page.