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New RBST sheep management training courses

News Date: 02.11.2009

New RBST Training Courses in Sheep Management

Organised by RBST with partial funding from LANTRA and Yorkshire Forward, members will be given priority for bookings at a subsidised cost of just £15 per person. Two courses designed specifically for keepers of rare and native breed sheep will be available.

EID and EWE Management

7pm to 9.30pm. Sandwiches and Refreshments provided.

This course will inform breeders about the latest situation of EID and talk through the practicalities of derogation for those selling into the commercial market. The event will include a practical demonstration of tagging, readers and looking at the different farm software available.

Under the heading of ewe management EBLEX will be presenting a range of topics designed to help inform members who may have limited practical husbandry knowledge. Attention will be on the ewe during pregnancy including the importance of nutrition and lack of stress, how to maximise survival of the embryos and how to monitor feeding levels. Selection of replacements will explore the identification of ewes with good maternal traits and lambing time. The course will also cover biosecurity.


Thirsk 23rd November

Driffield 24th November

Skipton 25th November

Doncaster 2nd December


Live to Dead

9.30am to 1.30pm. Lunch included.

The live to dead lamb selection training will offer a hands on approach looking at stock selection for slaughter for the meat trade to ensure a consistency in the carcasses supplied to the butcher. The training will take place in an abattoir. There are currently two dates in November and a further day will be held at each venue in january or February.


Busby Stoop 3rd November

Calow 5th November


For more details and to book a place visit the RBST website