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From the Grazing Animals Project to the Grazing Advice Partnership

News Date: 21.10.2008


More of what is happening to GAP in a statement by David Burton, Richard Clarke, Rob Macklin and Richard Snow


•The Grazing Animals Project was formed in 1997 – an advice network for grazing on conservation sites.

•By 2005 GAP supported a network of 1000 members.

•By 2008 GAP membership has risen to 1600 and a strong sister partnership network (PONT) is now operating in Wales.

•The focus of land management in England has changed radically since GAP was first formed with more change ahead.

•With the majority of farmers signed up to agri-environment schemes there is a demand for advice on grazing that achieves conservation objectives from the majority of land managers.

•Government policy in England is now committed to an integrated approach to land management advice.

The new partnership

•On August the 4th 2008 Defence Estates, the National Trust, Natural England and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust formed a new investing partnership.


•The new partnership has begun the process of designing a new advice partnership for grazing to be launched in Spring 2009 – the Grazing Advice Partnership.


Key milestones to the Grazing Advice Partership

•September 2008 – Operations Group formed and MOA signed.

•October 2008 – Recruitment of Administrator and Communications Manager posts started.

•November 2008 Questionnaire circulated.

•February 2009 staff in post and office established.

•May 2009 Grazing Advice Partnership launched


Benefits of the Grazing Advice Partnership

•All the best bits of the old Grazing Animals Project service.

•One stop shop for Grazing Advice – sign posting to complimentary sources of advice.

•Shared ownership of advice by the majority of land managers and advisers engaged with grazing to meet conservation objectives in England.

•Federal link with similar Grazing Networks elsewhere in the UK

•A business model which will mean the Grazing Advice Partnership is financially secure for the long term.

•Continued buy-in to the network from a broad range of specialists involved with different aspects of grazing management.

•A balanced operations group with no single organisation dictating how the Grazing Advice Partnership is operated.


To engage with the new GAP

•Complete the questionnaire to be circulated in November.


•Keep using the interim service on this website.


•Let others know that the new service is on it’s way.