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Conference highlights for Rural Advisors

News Date: 23.06.2009

Conference highlights for Rural Advisors


Day 1

Robin Tucker the Director of Operations at Natural England will open the conference. Natural Englands senior staff will outline the latest developments in Environmental Stewardship, Catchment Sensitive Advice and Biodiversity Action Plans.



Paula Wolton and Pete Burgess will draw on their own experiences to demonstrate how advice and incentives can be effectively implemented by advisors while highlighting some of the pitfalls involved from a farmer/land manager perspective.  



Fringe meetings of particular interest to rural advisors include: Marketing of Produce, Extensive Grazing and Climate Change, Commons and Pastoralism. The fringe meetings are lead by experts in the subject area and discussion will be encouraged throughout the meetings to enable collective knowledge to be shared.


Day 2

The field trips will provide an opportunity to view some rural management challenges on a large scale and the solutions that are being developed. There will be an opportunity for delegates to share their thoughts and discuss the key points the field trips raised at the start of day 3.


Day 3 

Lawrence Alderson is an author, farmer and founder of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and has helped inspire interest in rare breed conservation over the last fifty years. Rodger Wardle is an advisor, entrepeneur and farmer with a length of experience similar to Lawrence. A great opportunity to hear how Lawrence and Rodger have implemented advice on the ground.




Steven Hall and Darren Whittaker have experience farming in the uplands, managing vast peatland nature reserves and setting up grazing schemes in urban environments. Their new project is rooted in sustainability, with a focus on getting more people involved with rural management. Advisors with an interest in any of the above will gain much from this presentation with a down to earth approach.