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Conference Highlights for Farmers

News Date: 23.06.2009

Conference Highlights for Farmers and smallholders


Day 1

The open discussion for session 1 will provide an opportunity to share thoughts with senior agency staff, farmers and land managers on the current agri-environment schemes and advice programmes and how they can best benefit farmers. One of the speakers is Paula Wolton a Devon farmer who successfully advocated farmers needs during the national Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001. Paula continues to lobby for greater awareness of the demands and challenges that are presented to farmers.

Ever stringent policies are coming into play to manage the impacts of grazing animals on rivers and water supplies. Dr. Dylan Bright from the West Country Rivers Trust and Martin Ross from South West Water will discuss tried and tested practical measures to meet these requirements.

Fringe meetings that may be of particular interest include: Marketing of Produce, Extensive grazing and Climate Change, Commons and Pastoralism. The fringe meetings are lead by experts in the subject area and discussion will be encouraged throughout the meetings to enable collective knowledge to be shared.


Day 2

The field trips will provide an opportunity to look at some farming challenges on a large scale and the solutions that are being developed. There is opportunity to gain advice on a variety of farming situations covered by the five field trips. There will also be the chance for delegates to share their thoughts and discuss the key points the field trips raised at the start of day 3.

Day 3

Graham Harvey who is an author, journalist and heads up the script writers for The Archers will be speaking about preparing for farmings future challenges. To listen to a presentation by Graham click on the following link www.grahamsgrassroots.blogspot.com.


From PONT Hilary Kehoe and Charles Morgan will be discussing perspectives from Wales. Hilary farms on Anglesey and will be outlining how a landscape project on the island is being rolled out across Wales to put farming with environment in mind back to centre stage across the Country.



£25 conference discount for all farmers with a holding number.