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Conference Highlights for Countryside Managers

News Date: 23.06.2009

Conference Highlights for Countryside Managers


Day 1

Dr Mike Moser is Chairman of North Devon Biosphere Reserve and also manages his own land. His presentation will set the scene for the conference by describing how approaches are changing world wide to re-connect fragmented landscapes. 



Peter Burgess leads the Working Wetlands Project team. The project is all about demonstrating what can be acheived with a working from the ground up approach. Peter will describe some of the practical achievements so far and how the projects fits into the wider movement to manage a healthier countryside.



Gavin Saunders has project managed the Neroche Scheme from its inception. Neroche is built on the premise that the community must be at the heart of land management. Gavin will reflect on what he has learnt from this approach and what can be achieved.



Day 2

All field trips will provide an opportunity to view some land management challenges on a large scale and the solutions that are being developed. The interplay between farmers, advisors and countryside managers to work through complex issues will be particularly useful. There will be an opportunity for delegates to share their thoughts and discuss the key points the field trips raised at the start of Day 3.


Day 3

Karl Heinz Kolb will describe what can be achieved by a social enterpriseapproach to countryside management. Commons remain one of the trickiest land tenures to bring into good shape but can be one of the most rewarding in terms of community engagement. Karl is employed by a commoners association in Bavaria.