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Careers Fair Hartpury College 26th Jan 2011

News Date: 04.12.2010

Hartpury College are organising and hosting a careers fair for students in animal, veterinary and land sciences on 26th January next year.  For registration and  more details please email careersfair@hartpury.ac.uk or contact Dr Richard Rolfe on 01452-702345 ext 2219 ASAP.
Some more information below: 
The event is being sponsored by a £5000 grant from VETNET, which aims to support student progression in animal, land and veterinary related fields. This money is being used to advertise the event widely and also to run transport for students from across the SW region.

The college has confirmations from the 13 other HE institutions, universities and colleges within the VETNET South West region that they should be attending, resulting in an estimate of over 500 students attending. Another 20 invites are being sent out to other Universities and institutions within the region that are not part of the VETNET programme and I hope to have a very sizeable student contingent present.

The college hope that organisations/companies will be interested in coming along and meeting future graduates and those from across the south west region.

Hartpury College is an Associate Faculty of the University of the West of England and specialises in sport, equine and land based degrees. We are committed to providing, high quality education and training for our students enabling them to go into relevant employment across industry. The departments of animal and land science, equine science and veterinary nursing science have approximately 250 students enrolled on the final years of the Masters, Bachelors degree and Foundation degree programmes that we offer, that will be graduating this year.

We will be running parallel sessions throughout the afternoon where speakers from the industry will discuss careers opportunities with our students.
The aim of the fair is to put students in contact with employers from across the local area and the southwest region and to give them a better understanding of the career opportunities available.