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Animals, man and treescapes conference 2012: First call for papers and presentations

News Date: 13.10.2010

Stemming from 25 years of leading research on woods and wooded landscapes, BaLHRI  together with  Sheffield Hallam University, the Ancient Tree Forum and other partners will be organising a major conference in September 2012: Beyond the Wood: ancient trees in the landscape.
This is the first call for offers of papers, sponsorship and registration for the event.
For more information, offers of papers or support, and to be added to the mailing list for any of these major events, please contact:
Christine Handley
SYBRG Events Co-ordinator
c/o HEC Associates Ltd.,
Venture House, 103 Arundel Street,
Sheffield, UK, S1 2NT
Tel: 0114 272 4227  
Visit our Website: www.ukeconet.co.uk
To be held at Sheffield Hallam University, 14th to 16th September 2011
Prof. Ian D. Rotherham and colleagues are organising a major event on the theme of Animals, Man and Treescapes.
The conference will bring together speakers and poster presentations from a range of
  • ecology; landscape history; environmental conservation; forestry; farming; and countryside management;
  • academic; NGOs; Local Authorities; conservation trusts; businesses and the voluntary sector;
and countries:
  • principally UK and Europe. 
The event will look at
  • the impacts of grazing animals on both upland and lowland wooded landscapes;
  • managing sites with grazing animals;
  • problems and issues of inappropriate grazing;
  • issues around re-wilding landscapes: and
  • whilst giving an historic perspective through landscape history will seek to address issues of current and future management.
The conference organisers wish to invite submissions of spoken and poster presentations on any of the themes and are happy to receive papers relating to specific small case study areas, species or suites of species as well as papers which address the issues at a more general habitat and landscape level. 
The expected outputs for the event are:
  • Capacity of 200 for main auditorium plus breakout themed sessions, posters and other displays.
  • Field visit to a site demonstrating the impacts of grazing animals on treescapes.
  • Conference dinner with after dinner guest speaker linked to field visit site.
  • Major conference proceedings as cd. rom available at the conference; and pdf/print on demand hard copy online after the conference.
  • Major international landmark awareness–raising/networking event; attendance by key people from NGOs, academia and practitioners.
  • Links to relevant community projects and educational outputs – UK and Europe wide.
  • Promoting landscape ecology conservation in local & national initiatives.