Global Grazing Case Studies

Conservation grazing schemes outside of the UK offer much in the way of different techniques and philosophies to our own home-grown schemes. GAP has actively been involved with international conservation grazing projects.


GAP has members from as far afield as Arizona and Bulgaria. We organised study tours to sites in Europe, included a trip to the shepherded heathlands of Holland and a GAP Welfare group visit to Oostvaarplassen to examine the welfare implications intervention grazing. At GAP's 2009 conference speaker Karl Heinz-Kolb from the Rhoen Biosphere Reserve discussed extensive large scale grazing systems in low mountain regions in Germany.


Global Grazing Links

Here are some links to Europe and further afield.  Most of these have some connection to conservation grazing although some (such as Eurosite or the USDA) are generic links.


ARK: naturalistic grazing in the Netherlands with links to Latvia and Bulgaria. Also provide Konik ponies for grazing projects (English translation available)

BURRENLIFE: - the first major farming for conservation project in Ireland

DE GRAZERIE: nature management with sheep in the Netherlands (English translation available)


EUROSITE: the largest network of organisations devoted to nature conservation management across Europe

EUROPEAN LIVESTOCK ALLIANCE: formed in 2001 to provide effective representation for European animal breeders, keepers and food producers.

► GERMAN FEDERAL AGENCY FOR NATURE CONSERVATION (BfN): Link to proceedings of the International Symposium on special aspects of veterinary and animal welfare regulations in pasture landscapes. September 2008.  
GRAZING NETWORKS: - Hans Kampf’s website on ecology and grazing animals including information on the Oostvaardersplassen reserve in the Netherlands and grazing in Germany. (English translation available)

HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL: A non profit organisation dedicated to restoring the health of degraded private, public and communal grasslands worldwide.

LARGE HERBIVORE FOUNDATION: The LHF is a nature conservation and restoration program for large plant eating mammals and their habitats in Eurasia, involved with over 45 species of large herbivores and around 30 projects. The LHF aim to protect the large herbivore species and restore their ecological role within their original ranges.

MPALA WILDLIFE FOUNDATION: Mpala Research Centre is carrying out ongoing research into grazing the vast savanna ecosystem in the Laikipia District in central Kenya.

SCHAPEDRIFT: heathland grazing with sheep in the Netherlands.(English translation available)

SHETLAND SHEEP IN HOLLAND: website on the use of Shetland sheep in the Netherlands

Dr Temple Grandin's web page - Dr. Grandin is a designer of livestock handling facilities and a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. This web page is designed to educate people throughout the world about modern methods of livestock handling which will improve animal welfare and productivity.