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Yorkshire Exmoor Pony Trust

Location:Various sites in North Yorkshire

Habitats:Moorland, Heathland

Livestock:Exmoor Ponies

In brief:Provides Exmoor ponies for conservation management in North Yorkshire while conserving this rare native breed

Contact:Julian Small

Tel:01904 449680

The Yorkshire Exmoor Pony Trust aim to:

  • provide an grazing service on conservation sites using Exmoor ponies;
  • contribute towards the conservation of the Exmoor Pony
  • encourage local communities to be involved in conservation management.  

The Trust currently owns or loans over 40 Exmoor ponies (3% of the world’s population of the breed) of various ages which operate as a ‘Flying Squad’ over numerous sites in North Yorkshire managed by English Nature, Howardian Hills AONB, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and various private owners and trusts. A limited number of ponies are bred each year, and as these reach maturity they are loaned out to homes where they can be used as riding ponies.

The Exmoor ponies are promoted as a versatile breed which thrive on course grasses, rushes, thistles and scrub while making admirable family ponies, being strong enough to carry 12 stone adults and suitable for every horse activity including driving.