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Value In Meadows

Location:Peak Fringe Natural Area, Derbyshire


Livestock:Various breeds and types of livestock

In brief:Project targeting areas of wildflower rich grassland for restoration and enhancement in the area surrounding the Peak District National Park

Contact:Nick Smith (Value In Meadows Manager)

Tel:01773 881188


Over the past 20 years, lowland areas of Derbyshire have lost around 91 per cent of their wildflower meadows. A new project run by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust aims to start reversing this trend.  Called 'Value In Meadows' and based in the Preak Fringe Natural Area, this project has been set-up to identify the best exmaples of semi-natural grassland and meadows in the Derbyshire Dales and surrounding areas and provide advice and practical support to help their owners manage them in a wildlife-friendly way. This will include providing management advice, local seed procurement, raising awareness and the establishment of a local grazing scheme.

A local grazing scheme may help reinstate grazing on sites that are currently undergrazed or have no grazing as livestock grazing on grasslands with cattle, sheep and ponies can help maintain the variety of wildflowers. Also it is important to acknowledge that small areas of grassland may not be economic to graze.  The projects also hopes to demonstrate the link between conservation and the local economy by exploring ways in which grassland owners and graziers can derive economic benefit from the management of grasslands

The Project will deliver progress towards the Lowland Derbyshire LBAP grassland targets and it aims to survey in detail and secure the management of key grassland sites. In addition it will provide advice and assistance with Higher Level Stewardship applications.

The project is supported by the Esmee Fairburn Foundation and Natural England.