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Location:Kent and Sussex

Habitats:Woodland, Various types of habitat, Lowland, Grassland

Livestock:Various breeds and types of livestock

In brief:Machinery Ring including a grazing matchmaking service covering Kent, East and West Sussex and eastern Surrey.

Contact:Chris Smith

Tel:01622 815356

RAMSAK (Ring Of Agricultural Machinery in Sussex And Kent) is a machinery ring covering  Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and eastern Surrey. Ramsak is based on the idea of a co-operative to help farmers share resources.  In addition to its core business of farm machinery and skilled labour, RAMSAK runs a successful grazing project in which is acts as a co-ordinator, linking land managers who require livestock grazing and owners of livestock who can provide livestock or need extra grazing. The initial focus of the project has been on areas of environmental value such as land within the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, County Wildlife Sites and, at a landscape scale, land that makes a significant contribution to the pastoral landscape of the area.
Ramsak is involved with over 500 hectares, including grazing schemes with a wide range of conservation objectives. Examples of the type of grazing available are:

• 8 ha grass / grazing woodland for the summer period, cattle required to manage the area to bring it back to historic woodland pasture.
• 16 ha grass, fenced and watered in 3 lots, suitable for sheep to manage grassland within attractive flood plains.
• 26 ha grass within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty requiring grazing to encourage Adonis Blue butterflies and orchids