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Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Location:Various sites across Nottinghamshire

Habitats:Heathland, Grassland

Livestock:Hebridean Sheep, Dexter Cattle

In brief:Nottimgham Wildlife Trust's flying flock deployed around Nottinghamshire wildlife sites

Contact:Charles Langtree

Tel:07711 886414

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust operate a ‘flying flock’ of around 600 Hebridean sheep and 25 Dexter cattle. The livestock are moved around a number of wildlife sites around the county, according to a grazing regime designed to optimise the number of animals available with the desired grazing on the Trusts reserves throughout the year.

This regime encompasses a range of habitats including heathland, wetland urban fringe, different types of grassland (acid, neutral and unrestored wood pasture.. Among the sites grazed are several ex-industrial sites such quarries and mining sites.The Wildlife Trust has also worked with a local pig farmer at Tresswell woods where pigs have been run in a small section of woodland to help control bramble growth. The Trust work in partnership with organisations such as the National Trust and Nottingham City Council and the picture above shows part of the Hebridean flock grazing at Clumber Park, a National Trust Property.

During winter some stock is brought in but much remains on site. Limestone grassland and some restoration sites are used for this purpose.

The Trust employ 2 members of staff to help with the demands of running this flock. The project markets the wool from the Hebrideans and sells meat via a farmshop. Any surplus breeding ewes are also sold. Every spring during lambing the Trust opens its doors for a weekend at Clumber Park and the public can come and get a closer look.