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Norfolk Wildlife Trust


Habitats:Various types of habitat

Livestock:Various breeds and types of livestock

In brief:A flying ‘flock’ and agreements with graziers, used to manage multiple sites for multiple landowners

Contact:Mel Slote

Tel:01603 625540

Grazing is an essential element of the care of many NWT nature reserves. They use sheep, cattle, ponies and rabbits throughout the county. 550 hardy Shetland, Black Welsh Mountain, Herdwick and Hebridean ewes make up the flock. They live and lamb outdoors, and over winter on our nature reserves in Breckland. They also use hardy Konik Polski and Dartmoor ponies to graze wet areas on their Broadland nature reserves. The Trust have worked hard to maximise income from their livestock through crossing hardy native breeds to produce more marketable lambs, improving the flock and herd performance and direct marketing.

They are always looking for ways to improve their management systems, for example improving the handling facilities for their ponies (see below), with changes to their mobile pens based on the work of Temple Grandin (

At NWT Weeting Heath in the Brecks, rabbits are fenced into the nature reserve as their scrabbling and foraging creates exactly the conditions required by stone curlew.