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Mid – Cornwall Moors LIFE

Location:Moors in central Cornwall around Goss Moor, St. Dennis


Livestock:Various breeds of cattle

In brief:Natural England staff at Goss Moor NNR work with partners to facilitate sustainable grazing management of moors in central Cornwall for key habitats and species, notably the Marsh fritillary butterfly. Recent project work has been funded by the EU LIFE programme.

Contact:Martin Davey

Tel:01726 828186


Natural England own their own cattle and work with commoners and local graziers to establish grazing on these challenging wet grassland sites and lowland heathland on drier ground around china clay workings. For example they lease some cattle to a commoner for him to use and manage on Goss Moor. Management has been facilitated by work to reroute the A30 to the north of the site.

Other key elements of the work include socio – economic studies and business and marketing advice for participating graziers.