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Great Fen Project

Location:Between Huntingdon and Peterborough

Habitats:Reedbed & fen (restoration and maintenance)

Livestock:Cross breeds

In brief:Multi – functional, large scale habitat creation project in Cambridgeshire

Contact:Chris Gerrard, Wildlife Trust for Cambridgeshire

Tel:01954 713513

The Great Fen Project - one of the most exciting habitat restoration projects ever undertaken in Britain - will create a 3,700 hectare wetland between Huntingdon and Peterborough through the purchase of land adjacent to two existing National Nature Reserves, Holme Fen and Woodwalton Fen. Connecting these two nature reserves will provide a haven for wildlife and create a massive green space for people, opening new opportunities for recreation, education and business. It could also play a strategic role by storing winter water for the protection of the Middle Level System and the homes, farms and businesses that depend on the system.

The Project plans to create a Great Fen reserve in three stages:

Stage 1: Restore Woodwalton and Holme Fens to favourable conservation status
Stage 2: Connect Woodwalton Fen to Holme Fen
Stage 3: Enlarge the wetland areas and create visitor access facilities

Woodwalten fen is currently grazed by mixed beef stock.