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Blue Remembered Hills

Location:Shropshire Hills AONB



In brief:A multi – objective, landscape scale partnership project funded by HLF focusing in part on achieving long – term, sustainable grazing management of unimproved grassland, moorland, wetland and heathland sites within the project area. The project finishes in mid - 2008 but resources are available direct from AONB staff or to download from their website.

Contact:Jon Kean

Tel:01588 674090

Blue Remembered HillsMany of the Shropshire Hills finest wildlife habitats have developed over hundreds of years, as man and his animals have shaped the landscape. Many areas of moorland, grassland, heathland and marsh are only present today because of grazing by sheep, ponies and cattle.

Recent changes in agriculture mean that these habitats are now being lost as areas are left ungrazed. The project provides a ‘Flying Flock’ of animals (sheep and cattle) which can be moved around to provide grazing to these areas. Advice and support is also available to anyone not used to caring for animals on their land.

It also has experience of working with local communities on heritage projects, wildflower seed harvesting, educational work and supporting local environmental product marketing.