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Auchtermuchty Common

Location:Fife, Scotland


Livestock:Various breeds and types of livestock

In brief:Auchtermuchty was granted a charter as a Royal Burgh in 1517 and one of the 'Rights' granted was the privilege of the 'Small Heritors of Auchtermuchty' to graze livestock on the common, these are householders living in properties in the Royal Burgh identified as such in the title deeds to their homes. Problem species – gorse and broom

Contact:Kate Morison

Tel:07950 786 245

Auchtermuchty Common, Fife is owned by the village of Auchtermuchty, managed by the Macduff Trust and the Fife Ranger Service, together with a very active volunteer force. Auchtermuchty Common was designated as a wildlife site in 1995. The common is an old meadow which has been untouched by agriculture practices in recent years.

There is a public right of way (an ancient road) running through the common and a history of open access, dog walking and horse riding. Funding for fencing and wall repairs has been approved.

The Macduff Trust and Fife Rangers have introduced Eriskay ponies & Scottish Wildlife Trust’s flying flock. Auchtermuchty Common has two sections The Mairs 5.2ha and Whitefield 6.1ha is the priority area of Auchtermuchty Common as one of only three sites in Fife for the Early Purple Orchid. Gorse, broom and rosebay willow-herb encroachment is a problem here. In the past cutting and burning of the gorse has been carried out. The burning has now stopped and is replaced by cutting and clearing, frequently carried out by volunteers.