GAP & DWT Conference Proceedings


The GAP & DWT Reconnecting Fragmented Landscapes Conference Proceedings

Exeter University, 22nd to 24th September 2009


The proceedings from the GAP and Devon Wildlife Trust three day conference are available to download below. Presentations are available to download individually as PDFs along with any summaries and additional text. Fringe meeting presentations and notes from the question and answer sessions are also available to download.


Day 1

Session 1 

  Fragmented landscapes from global to local. M. Moser, North Devon Biosphere Reserve. (PDF) 

  How to reconnect landscapes. A government agency perspective. D. Appleton & R. Evans, NE. (PDF)

  How to reconnect landscapes additional text. D. Appleton & Ross Evans (PDF)

  How to reconnect landscapes. A farmers perspective. P. Wolton, Farmer. (PDF)

  P. Wolton. Presentation summary. (PDF)

  Working Wetlands. Creating a living landscape in the Culm. P. Burgess, DWT (PDF) 

  P. Burgess. Presentation summary. (PDF)

Session 2

  Reconnecting with soils. J. Tallowin, Agroecologist (PDF)

  Reconnecting with soils additional text. J. Tallowin (PDF)

  J. Tallowin. Presentation summary. (PDF)

  Reconnecting with water. D. Bright, West Country Rivers Trust (PDF)

  Reconnecting with water additional text. D. Bright (PDF)

  D. Bright. Presentation summary. (PDF)

  Reconnecting with water. M. Ross, South West Water (PDF)

  Reconnecting with water additional text. M. Ross (PDF) 

  M. Ross. Presentation summary. (PDF)

  Reconnecting with cultural values. G. Saunders, Neroche Project, Forestry Commission (PDF) 

  Reconnecting with cultural values additional text. G. Saunders. (PDF)

Questions and Answers

 Question and Answer Sessions

Fringe Meetings 

  National Nature Reserves. B. le Bas, Natural England

  Produce Marketing. C. Goodall, Natural England and L. Bowles, English Food & Farming Partnership

  Commons and Patoralism. J. Thorley, National Sheep Association.

  Extensive Grazing and Climate Change. B. Grayson, Conservation grazier & organic farming advisor

  Extensive Grazing and Climate Change. Summary and Additional Notes. B. Grayson  


Day 2

Session 3

A full day of field trips was held on Day 2 to six different locations to view the work of Devon Wildlife Trust, the Neroche Project, Butterfly Conservation on Dartmoor, The National Trust site at Wembury Point and Fowlescombe a rare breeds farm. To view details of the fieldtrips see the fieldtrip feedback sessions under Day 3. 


Day 3  

Session 4

  Native breeds, nature and farming. L. Alderson, Technical advisor, RBST (PDF)

  Making it happen on the ground. Lincolnshire grazing marshes. R. Wardle, Consultant (PDF) 

  PONT Conservation grazing in Wales. C. Morgan, PONT (PDF)

  PONT Conservation grazing in Anglesey. H. Kehoe, PONT (PDF)

  Outline of Doncaster College new land management academy. S. Hall & D.Whittaker, Doncaster College 

Field Trip Feedback

  Field Trip 1 Devon Wildlife Trust Affeton landscape

  Field Trip 2 Devon Wildife Trust Dunsdon landscape  

  Field Trip 3 Neroche Project Forestry Commission 

  Field Trip 4 Dartmoor Butterfly Conservation

  Field Trip 5 Wembury Point and Fowlescombe Farm

Session 5

  Perspectives from Germany. K Heinz Kolb, Bavarian Landsiedlung, Bavarian Farmers Association (PDF)

  Rebuilding farming to prepare future challenges. G. Harvey, Author. Will be available to download soon.

Question and Answers

  Question and Answers Sessions

Closing Address and Conference Summary

  Closing Address. R. Snow, Environmental Advisor, Defence Estates (PDF)